God’s Perfect Timing – A True story about 23 & Me.

As soon as my friend Jackie shared the beginnings of this potential bombshell, I knew it would later be a blog if possible. Due to the sensitive nature, I had to watch it all unfold and make sure it was all true.

Judy, Jackie, and Brenda November 2021

Not only is it true, it’s a story that Lifetime movies are made from. I sure hope you enjoy it and are blessed by this story of pure thanksgiving.

In 1954, a little girl named Jacqueline Marie made her entrance into the world.

In 1956, a second beautiful baby girl by the name of Judy Ann was born.

In 1960, what was known to be the 3rd baby girl was born. Her name is withheld for privacy reasons in this blog and the birth is only mentioned in order to set the scene.

All 3 girls shared the same parents, with Jackie being raised by her paternal grandparents. Judy and the remaining sister were raised by their mother. This was the result of tumultuous on again/off again marriage between the girls’ parents.

Fast forward to 2021…..

Jackie has been married to Jimmy for 49 years. They have slap crazy daughter(who I love and adore!) named Crystal. There are two beautiful teenage grandsons named Colin and Kaleb.

Judy and her husband, Mark, have been together nearly as long and live toward the coast. They 2 children and a whole passel of grandkids.

A few months ago, in August, a cousin named Lori contacted Judy. Lori had a sister who was given up for adoption at birth and was on a mission to find her. Lori submitted her DNA to 23 & Me, a lab that helps you find related people through genetic testing. Lori did not get a hit for her long lost sibling.

Lori did get a hit about a first cousin on her mother’s side. Lori called cousin Judy for help in trying to figure out who this potential mystery cousin was. Judy in turn called her sister, Jackie, and they all put their CSI knowledge together and set out to solve the mystery.

In a dot on the map called Inman, lives a lady by the name of Brenda. Brenda received a 23 & Me gift from her son last Christmas. Brenda was born and adopted into a wonderful family in 1959 and after 62 years, was curious about her lineage. Her parents had passed on.

Jackie was on a tour out West when she got the call from Judy about the mystery cousin hit. As soon as she returned home, she promised to submit her own DNA for testing. Judy called her aunt Ann, who resides in a nursing home. Aunt Ann held the key to the entire mystery. After a little prompting and being presented with some evidence, Aunt Ann shared a massive secret.

Cousin Lori did in fact have a mystery cousin. But it wasn’t Jackie and Judy’s cousin. It was their sister! She was born in 1959 and given up for adoption. Her name is Brenda.

Since August, Jackie’s DNA testing results have shattered any doubt as to Brenda being a 4th sister. 3 of the sisters planned and met for the very first time at Jackie’s home last weekend. From all accounts, it was like they had never been separated. Jackie and Judy recognized her immediately from their mother’s blue eyes. Jimmy said her laugh is uncannily like her mother’s. They all have so much in common. Crystal says that all share the same booty. 😂

Jackie is beyond in love with her newfound sister, just as Judy is. 62 years is a long time to make up for. I’m sure all 3 of these sisters will have lots of new adventures, laughs, and much love in the near future and years to come. Jackie told me she has so much to be thankful for and how God’s timing is perfect. Many people that could/would have been hurt by this secret have gone on. She wanted to share that some secrets are okay being found out.

Jackie has been my friend for a long, long time. I’m so glad that she shared this journey with me and has allowed me to put her story into a blog. I hope that I can share more of these ladies adventures.

Just when we think we have life figured out…. God says WATCH THIS!

What are YOU thankful this Thanksgiving Day?

Until next time…

The BeanCounter

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