Second Chances….by Preston

It all started simply enough with headaches, so I’ve been told.  I can’t remember that day or the weeks leading up to it.  I’ve been told that I suffered a massive brain aneurysm.  And a subsequent fall that left me with an additional brain injury.  I can only remember from the point of my being transferred months later via ambulance from Pineville, NC to Lancaster, SC rehabilitation floor at MUSC-Lancaster. I was in a coma for a couple months and the doctors didn’t give my wife much hope that I would live, yet I did.  I went from being in upper management at a steel manufacturing plant to spending my days at home struggling to remember what day it is.  A big change.

Nothing has been the same since that fateful day in October 2015.  My life changed in an instant. We went from a couple who travelled and had time spent together on outings to a couple anchored to our home and not traveling. I can’t drive anymore so all our driving is done by my wife.  Big change since I was the one who was fearless when it came to traveling. Not my wife’s cup of tea.  I’m now legally blind.

I came home in a wheel chair and gradually learned how to walk again through the hard work of some special people at therapy.  Nine months of therapy.  It has been a long road to get to where I am today.  Sitting here writing this down is a major accomplishment. Being able to do anything is a major accomplishment. Through it all I have come to rely on the Lord every day.  That’s been the one constant in my life.  I recently gave my life to the Lord.  My wife would say it is the fourth time I had done so since we married 8 years ago. However this time was different, I knew what I was doing each time it’s just this time I knew.  I knew I was giving my heart to the Lord and He would take care of me.  He has through all of this, He has taken care of me.  I couldn’t have done any of this without Him.

Since that fateful day in 2015 nothing has been the same, but I have gained so much more.  I’ve gained a savior in Jesus.  I’ve gained salvation. I’ve gained life eternal. None of which I had before all this happened. Before this happened I went to church and occasionally read in my Bible. I would have said I was a good person, but I would be wrong.  Jesus changed me.

Jesus changed me in ways that it is hard to explain.  Yet He changed me from within.  He cares for me.  That’s the biggest change in my life, realizing my life is dependent on Him.  All those other times I was going through the motions, this time was different. I was surrendering it all to Him. I’m thankful that I did.  I’m thankful that I had the chance to get it right.

A chance to get it right was all I needed.  In all my time leading up to the decision I felt I needed to come down and give my life to the one who had brought me through everything.  I’m standing here because He’s not done with me yet.  I’m thankful for the second chance He gave me.  It was close.  I could have died and spent an eternity in Hell or lived and get a chance at redemption.  I’m thankful that I have lived.

Sometimes it’s not easy day to day.  I have my moments as my wife would tell you.    I struggle with simple things and I do like working to a plan. If my plan gets messed up, I get all out of whack. I have a hard time changing directions, which is something I could do easily in my life prior to the brain injury.

The brain injury changed my life.  My brain shifted over half an inch and I have a scar under my hair where they opened my head to relieve the pressure.  But my life has changed for the better since all of this has happened.  Sometimes the Lord slays us, in order for us to be broken and rebuilt. Yes, we don’t travel like we use to, but my wife and I are closer now than ever.  She has to check on me to make sure I remember to do things.  That’s a fact of life now because I can’t remember one minute to the next.  My short term memory is shot,  I take notes every sermon so I can remember later, because I forget things immediately now.  My wife has asked me several times right after church what the sermon was about and without my notes I just reply ” I don’t remember “. It’s frustrating sometimes. I used to take pride in my memory. Now I’m lucky to remember what day of the week it is. But I have Jesus who is there with me. That’s all I need.

I want to take this time that Covid-19 has given us to encourage you to spend time in the Word and draw closer to Him.  It’s time you didn’t have leading up to now.  It’s time we’ll spent.  I’m thankful for the time the Lord has given me to draw closer to Him. It’s time well spent. It may be your last chance to get right as some would say. I’m glad He gave me a second chance.

This might be the last second chance you get.


In Christ,




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