Preston’s genuine love for the Lord was the one thing that attracted me most to him nearly a decade ago.  The fact that he is so tall and larger than life followed in second place. 🤣

There has never been a time when I’ve questioned Preston’s walk with God.  From the time that we became companions and later husband and wife and all the years in between until this very moment, Preston has sought God.  Preston wrote the sweetest vows on a day that was meant to honor God, promising to love me as Christ loves the Church.

Diligently. Fervently.

There are dozens and dozens of journals on his bookshelves that will one day give the two boys of mine that he adopted, and his biological daughter a tiny glimpse of the enormous amount of love that their dad and Big Papa had for them.  Those journals are filled with years of cries, praise, and prayers for those he loves the most. Many of those pages are filled with unseen tears.   I personally have only read a few of his writings, as it took my breathe away at  how he talked to God about everything. I couldn’t read more.   It’s too intimate. One day, at the right time and circumstances, I’ll get to read again of how my sweet husband loves.  I’ll read of all the times he lifted me to his Father.

In late 2015, most know that Preston lost his short term memory with his brain aneurysm and the trial that followed.    Preston had to literally relearn everything.  How to walk, how to swallow, how to eat.  I was a part of that short term memory.  He didn’t know my name. Or any of my family.  I remember the look on his face when I told that he had 2 more boys than what he remembered (his Katie was a part of his long term memory.). He sought God through it.

He also couldn’t remember if he was saved and baptized.  After nearly a year of rehab, he was healthy enough to be baptized.  It was a beautiful sight.

He’s been saved a few more times since 2016.  How’s that possible? I don’t know.  That’s between him and God.  I’ll dare not say that he can’t remember.  I will never ever question someone’s salvation and them getting business taken care of with God.  I’ll just say he is doggone determined to make sure he is right with His maker.

His discipline and dedication is unwavering.  A few months ago, he told me that he had come up with a new system for his daily bible studies.  He split the Bible up in two halves, the Old and New Testaments.  He was reading a handful of chapters from each, every single day. 3-4 hours daily.  His goal was to read the whole Bible.  He took very detailed notes and more journals were being added to his library.  It amazes me that he can’t remember anything he reads daily, yet he does it.  Day in and day out.

Last year, I started highlighting any sermon scriptures and any scriptures that I read during my own studies.  My juvenile goal is to one day have a Bible that is completely colored from one end to the other.

Earlier this week, Preston and I were at the dining room table and like always, I asked him how he day was.  He said he studied his bible.  I asked what it was about.  It was the same answer,  “ I can’t remember. But I took notes”.  I asked if he had finished the whole Bible yet. He had.  And he told me that he had started on a new plan.  This time he’s split the Bible up in 3 parts and added more study time.  He has started all over in his reading. Sadly, I told him that I admired his perseverance and discipline.  How horrible it must be to constantly forget everything you just did, read, or ate. But then his next words put me on my knees.

“I might not can remember, I can’t fix my brain, but I can try my best to HIDE His word in my heart.”

I’ll stop right here. I hope he blessed you as much as he blessed me. 


Hide it,







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