Chase’s sweet Katie



I think that I can share this sentiment with most mama’s of boys.   We pray that our sweet, perfect, innocent little boy’s will bring home the same sweet, innocent, modest, perfect Betty  Crocker-y type girl that we love.  Right?🤣😂

Okay. Okay. OKay.  My boy’s are not perfect and innocent.  But I have tried to hold the bar really high in what I have wanted them to choose for themselves.  🤗.  Sounds better, right?

Chase has dated most of his high school years.   Most were to some really great girls that ended up being greater friends.  There were a few that I bit my tongue on. And they eventually fizzled out. There was even one that I prayed that God would remove from Chase’s life.  God didn’t hear me at first, so I enlisted the faithful Crow(Megan) and together we prayed harder and louder and apparently God heard us. 👍

And then came Katie.

I knew something was different about her the first time I met her.  Standing in Jomar’s parking lot,  I saw the way she looked at my boy and I knew she’d never deliberately break his heart.  😍  He couldn’t wait to come over later that night and see what I thought of her before he sheephishly told me “Mama, she’s the one.”.

The more I get to know her, the more I love her.   I can easily see what has made my son fall head over heels in love with her. There’s not many sweet souls like her around. She has the ability to crush my son’s soul.  But so does he have that same power over her.   When you have  two people that both possess that vulnerability with one another, you know it’s the real thing.

I’ve seen this sweet girl pray for her loved ones and worry so much about them.   She’s got an innocence about her that is a breathe of fresh air. As a mother, to see her hi-lighting scripture during Sunday morning’s service, you know your boy did good and chose well. To see her go down to the altar and seek God.   I could not be more humbled and proud, all at the same time.  I’ve seen her cry over Hunter’s first heartbreak. (Yep, her boyfriend’s baby brother).  She is officially the ONLY girl that Hunter has approved of. 😂.

Today, Chase’s sweet Katie turned 19.  Because we are caught in the middle of Hurricane Florence, Chase has not been able to see her nor been able to celebrate her birthday.    We hope the weather will be clear to where we can  do some celebrating tomorrow evening.

I don’t know what the future holds for either of them, I can only pray that it includes each other, and do.  I do admire them both in knowing that they both still have some growing up to do and personal goals they want to accomplish before they commit to the next step.  They are taking it slow.  They both are so much wiser than I was at their age about not making the same bad decisions that I did.  I admire them both for that.

Anyway, I wanted to blog tonight about this sweet girl and how much she means to our family.   I can only imagine how proud her own family is of her. I appreciate them sharing her and loving my own boy.

Happy Birthday, sweet Katie!  You’re one of a kind and we are all so blessed to have you in our lives.  May your 19th year be the best yet!

The Beancounter





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