Right is left. And left is right….. right?

A day in the life of Preston and Kim.

This particular blog is intended to be light-hearted and funny, even in truth.   Sometimes life “happens”.  You can choose to have your panties in a wad or you can laugh.  Many times I choose to have my panties in a wad, but on this particular one, I chose laughter.

And by laughter, I’m not laughing AT my husband, I’m laughing with him. Life threw us some major curveballs and we choose to laugh at where the ball often lands.   Our life is real.  The laughter is just as real as the struggles.  Preston has a severe brain injury and it’s also my hope to bring awareness of how it affects the entire family.  If you’re a snowflake, please hit that little “X” at the top right hand corner and go find another blog.

In earlier posts, I’ve shared that my sweet husband has short term memory loss.  Some days he is sharp as a tack and can tell you the expiration date on the Rocky Road ice cream in the fridge.  Other days, he can’t remember what day of the week it is. He can and does give the boys permission to go and do things, and then when the day arrives, it’s a total shock that they are going to do the very thing he gave them permission to do.   It makes life quite lively in the Dennis household.  I often think I should qualify as a firefighter with all the 🔥’s I am constantly putting out.

Preston’s brain is a marvel. Recently, he left me speechless.  I looked over his shoulder and saw him working on these formula like codes that he had put into an app on his phone.   He had created these formulas and equations.  It seems that Preston’s Fitbit is not the only thing that counts stuff.  When Preston walks hourly( yes, that’s a system that he designed as well), he starts counting cars 🚗 when he reaches a certain spot on our dirt road that has a view of a main highway. He counts these cars for exactly 5 minutes.  He did this continuously on his walking schedule throughout the day. He was able to take that data and determine approximately how many cars travel that highway on an hourly basis, converted to a daily basis, converted to a weekly basis… you get the idea.  You have no idea how cool  this is.

Then you have days like yesterday.   Although Preston can’t drive, he’s responsible for navigating me to the destination.  If we’re traveling in surrounding counties, he won’t let Siri help him.   That was the case yesterday.  You take this scenario and my inability to look at him to read his lips and you realize we already have 2 strikes against us!   We’re sitting a stop light, and he tells me to turn left.  When I turn left, he starts asking me why in the world I didn’t listen to him.  I bust out laughing.  In his complex brain, his left is no longer left.  It’s now right.  And right is left . Before long, we’re both guffawing.   We’re riding down strange streets looking like a couple of old people in a hot rod that have absolutely lost their minds!!

Life is too short to sweat the small things.  Laugh a little. Love a lot.

On a serious note, I’m so thankful that my husband had taken the word of God for many years before his injury and hid it in his heart.  Nowadays, it’s hit and miss on whether he’ll remember what he studied and read during his devotion time this morning.  But Preston had God’s word so deeply ingrained and hidden that this brain injury has not been able to steal that!  Preston is my go-to source when I’m looking for understanding and knowledge of God’s word.

Aint God good?

Moral of my story….. don’t worry about left being right or right being left.  It’s what’s up that matters. IMG_3807

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