The Fleas In Our Lives.

We all have some fleas in our lives. Or maybe even those darned sand gnats that Flat Creek is notorious for. And don’t forget those sand spurs! Or prickly pears. Or maybe your thorn in the flesh is simply your mother-in-law. :). Let’s just all be honest here. Take the mask off and bear with me as I promise there is a point to this blog.

I recently saw a Facebook post about one of the greatest women I have ever read about, Corrie Ten Boom. If you ever have the chance, I encourage you to check out some of her books. Ms. Ten Boom’s father was a jeweler and watchmaker in the Netherlands. The devout family lived above the shop. During WW11, a secret room was built into Ms. Ten Boom’s bedroom and was a refuge to the Jewish refugees being hunted by the Gestapos. Her family saved nearly 1,000 people from a certain death. They were eventually betrayed by a Dutch informant to the Nazis. Corrie and her family were captured and sent to a concentration camp.

The conditions were unimaginable by any of our standards. The camps were packed with women in very tight quarters. Can you imagine the stench of urine, body waste, death, lice, fleas, disease, mice? I certainly can’t. In one of her books, she wrote about how her particular prison cell was so bad that the guard would not even enter. The fleas were unbearable to him. Which was a blessing to her. Why? Because the guard never found her bible. Even in a horrid prison, this amazing woman has such a love for God that she was spreading the gospel. She shared that scripture commanded her to be thankful for her in everything. I believe she was referring to 1 Thessalonians 5:18 “in EVERY THING give thanks: For this is the will of God in Christ Jesus concerning you.” She noted that she literally thanked God for the fleas. She survived the camp and continued her christian service.

She thanked God for the fleas.

The fleas kept her safe and alive. Can you even imagine? I try to find the silver lining in the clouds. I’ve never looked at is as being COMMANDED to find the silver lining. It certainly takes on a whole new meaning.

This has made me do a lot of thinking of late. We are certainly living in times that are unprecedented. None of us Americans can never dare say that we are prisoners even comparable to how Ms. Ten Boom was. COVID has shaken us out of our comfort zones. Many have lost jobs. Many has lost businesses. We’ve lost friends over the simple act of disagreeing on hot topics. Commenting about your stance on mask wearing can get you cussed out. If you miss church, your faith is questioned. It’s just a big, fat mess.

In it all, isn’t God commanding us to give thanks? This morning, as I was working from my Pop’s house ( I hijacked his internet), I heard a horrible crash that sent me flying. It was extra terrifying because this deaf girl has limited sounds that I can hear and for me to have heard them, I knew something bad had happened. Pop had fallen. He is fine. No bumps, cuts, or bruises. By the grace of God! What would have happened if I had not have been there? I started thanking God for COVID. COVID was my flea that has made me have to work from Pop’s house right now. Fall or not, I’m so thankful for the time I have with him.

I’ve got many more fleas to be thankful for. I pray that instead of whining, complaining, and being “woe is me”, I’ll start doing a little more of what I’m commanded to do. Facebook does not need nor want my opinion. I pray that I can have a .001% of the faith, love, and courage that Corrie had in order to spread the gospel and share the love of God.

Thank you for reading my blog.


The Flea Counter

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