Class of 2020

My son, Hunter, is slated to graduate high school in several weeks.  This should be the time of his life.   His biggest worry should be the upcoming deadline for his English class essay.  He should be looking forward to his weeklong senior trip among his classmates.

Instead, a nasty bug dubbed the  “Corona Virus” has affected millions of the Class of 2020’s plans.   All of a sudden the proms, sporting events, social gatherings, and just about everything in between has been cancelled…. many with no rescheduling.  It’s sad.

But guess what?

It’s still the time of his life.

God never promised us that life would be fair. Matter of fact, His word says there will be trials.  Make the best of it!

This is the Class of 2020’s time to shine- ON PURPOSE!   This is a class that will never be forgotten.  And you each can take this opportunity to be remembered in a special way.

A stinky virus can’t take away your servitude, attitude, or testimony.  The remainder of your senior year hasn’t been stolen from you.  It is whatever you make it!  You’ll definitely be the year that is not forgotten!  Most of you were born in another year that will never be forgotten, 2001.  2001 was a year that our country saw greatness born out of something ugly.  We expect nothing less than greatness from you now.

You’re THE Class of 2020!!


Be blessed- on purpose,


The beancounter



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