What do Donna and bubblegum flavored medicine have in common?

7032ADAC-5209-4AAA-86AE-AC105B9222BFThe Lord constantly amazes me.

Do you remember as a kid not wanting to swallow the awful bubblegum flavored medicine?  You fought it even though mama said it would make you feel better.  You’d rather wallow in the germs that were making you feel bad.   When you finally swallowed it, you realized that you did feel better and the yuckiness started fading.

I’ve been in the adult version of this scenario for a few days. Except my mother isn’t involved. Nor am I physically sick.  It’s been my soul that’s giving me trouble.

Hunter has had a few fires that I’ve had to put out.  He’s taking an online English class that I’m starting to think is from the brinks of hell.  This is his final class and we are down to wire. There is no Plan B.  Failing this class is NOT an option.  We’ve got an understanding with him that if he’s struggling with a lesson, to ask us for help.  He asked Preston for help a few weeks ago.  Preston looked over the answers before Hunter submitted them on a test.  Preston has a DOUBLE degree and extremely intelligent.  Hunter made a 45 on that test.  I was not happy with either one of them!   This week, Hunter again asked for help.  I forbid anyone but yours truly from helping Hunter.  I read the lesson this time, reviewed all Hunter’s answers.  And made a 51.    This class is going to be the death of this family!!  Then we found out about a rule that we’d overlooked that was going to keep him from being able to go to his senior Prom. He and his girlfriend have already invested hundreds of dollars in it. 

My Pop is reaching a point in his health where he needs a little more assistance.  I spent all of last Saturday getting him set u with a new IPhone and Iwatch that has the fall detector on it, just like Preston’s.  One small thing off my list.

I’ve been working over most days and coming home tired and ready to vegetate. Thursday night as I’m laying in bed, Preston comes to me almost in a panic…. his Iwatch quit working.  Mind you, Preston’s watch keeps up and controls Preston’s days.  Preston has OCD and his watch literally counts his steps, his pills, his calorie intake, his water, his weight, the amount of time he exercises, how many times he pees, and passes gas(ok, I exaggerated a bit on the last 2 but I swear on the rest!).  I can’t get the watch to do anything. Nothing. Nada.  I even woke up in the middle of the night trying to get it back up.  All day Friday, Preston sent me texts about how lost he was. I know it sounds silly.  But to him, it’s a huge deal.  He requires a strict regimen and it blew his world  to Hades and back.

Which in turn, makes my life not easy.  By Friday night, I was sick of everyone and everything.  I put myself in time out and refused to come out.  I’d still be there now if I didn’t already have a pre-arranged meeting in Saturday night.

She was my bubblegum flavored medicine.

Her name is Donna. She’s my cousin.  And every year around this time, we meet for dinner and to catch up on each other’s lives.  I’m not talking about the conversations about how great your job is and the new shade of blue on your walls.  I’m talking the good, the bad, and the ugly.  We laughed, vented, and teared up a time or two.  And then laughed some more.

By the time evening was over, I realized that life wasn’t as bad as I was making it out to be.  I no longer wanted to tear my 20 year olds tail up, I no longer wanted to throttle my 18 year old.  And Preston, poor Preston.  I’d help him through his crisis.

God knew that I needed a breathe of fresh air and a change of scenery.  He sent me a sweet cousin whom I love dearly as the perfect medication for what was ailing my soul.

Bubblegum flavored medicine named Donna  ain’t all that bad.

Until my next crisis…

The BeanCounter

Afterthought:  Preston’s watch is unfixable, but 100% replaceable. His daughter will be taking him to the AppleStore in SouthPark Thursday to have it replaced on the spot.  Hunter is going to his prom with his beautiful girl.  I’ve forgiven Chase and he’s forgiven me.  Life is good again.


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