How many steps do you have left?



How many steps do you have left on this side of eternity? How many ticks you got left in your ticker?  How many breaths do you have left in your lungs?

How many steps do you have left before you either experience the pure joy of Heaven or the pits of hell?

We’ve been experiencing revival at my church this week.  It wasn’t a revival that I felt that I would get to attend every night.  But when you read your husbands lips in prayer asking God to make a way for him to be there, you make a way.  Or God makes a way, rather.

On one of those nights,  the evangelist, Tyler Blue,  whom we’ve heard many times before, presented us with this question.  He shared the story of someone he knew that spent much time walking.  When the feller was asked why he walked so much, his answer was short and simple.  He was one step closer to seeing Jesus! He was of the knowledge that we are given so many steps each in this lifetime.

That story reminded me of my sweet Preston and how he spends hours every single day counting his own steps. Maybe not for the same reasons but the results are the same.  At the end of the day, Preston is 20,000 steps closer to meeting Jesus.

What if I only have 50,000 steps left in me?  If I average 10,000 steps a day, I could have only 5 days to complete my earthly business before I enter my eternal paradise.  How will I use my steps to finish out my work here?

This morning, I used a couple hundred steps  to take my Hunter to breakfast.  It was nice just spending that quality time together, he and I alone.  Tonight, Preston and I used another couple hundred to meet my oldest boy, Chase, and my Pop out to dinner.  It was much needed and satisfying.
I think of my own writing as my “steps”.  How many words away am I from eternity? When will my words cease?  How many blogs away from eternity am I?  Have I made the best of my words.  Are “my” steps spent spreading the gospel and showing those near me how much I love them?

I can only hope that God would be proud some of my steps now..  I know that many, many of my steps have taken me down paths that did not, can not, and will not ever bring Him glory.

My plan is to break in my new black Nike’s with the pink check mark.  I plan to watch And plan my steps a little more carefully and rejoice in knowing that I’m one more step closer to paradise!

How many steps do you think you have left?  Will those steps bring you one step closer to streets of gold or a burning fire pit?

Something to think about….one step at a time.


Until next time….
The BeanCounter


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