A Tale Of Two Brothers

An (unsuccessful) effort to provide pictures to Hunter’s school for an upcoming Senior recognition service has left this mama weeping and wailing.  It’s so bittersweet. One minute I’m so happy and proud, the next minute I’m sad that there are more than 11 years worth of pictures that their daddy is missing from. The third minute reminds me of an answered prayer from God of allowing me to live long enough to see both my boys grow up.  The fourth minute makes me catch my breathe as I see how close two brothers have grown through the years.

This blog will focus on the blessing of that fourth moment. Two brothers. Two years apart. They each have personalities that are from two ends of the spectrum.   One is quiet while the other is loud. As toddlers,  their dad and I jokingly said that we named them correctly….. we were always “Chasing“ one and “Hunting” the other. One must be surrounded by people, the other prefers solitude.  One is as gentle. The other can be gruff.  One speaks his mind while the other holds his thoughts inside rather than hurt someone.  One is frugal while the other is not. One is a worrier while the other is more of a free spirit. One picks and pokes while the other barks and bites.

They are brothers.  In every sense of the word.

As Hunter filled  out the questionnaire that will accompany his picture slideshow, my eyes filled with tears as he wrote about his brother, Chase.   As I went through the pictures, I began to weep.  Every picture tells a story of two brothers and their inseparable bond.  When the trials came throughout the years, these two were always there for each other.  I can’t tell you the number of times that Hunter has said “I need to go talk to Chase” or Chase has said “Where’s my brother? I need him.”.

As a mama, I can now sit back and know that every pick and poke and argument between the two growing up was worth what they have….. a best friend in each other.

God has been so good to me.  So, so good to me.

The pictures in this blog will tell a story that no written words can.  I hope you enjoy.

Until next time,


Mama the BeanCounter





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