The Gift

I’ve dreaded this weekend for a very long time.    For 18 years to be exact. THE baby turns 18.

If you’re a parent, you love your kids all the same.  Each one is special in their own way.  Preston and I have been blessed with genuinely good, salt of the earth, kids.

THE Baby.  There is something different and unexpected about the baby turning of age.  When the others hit this milestone, I told myself it was okay because I still had THE baby boy at home.  Now that THE baby bird is spreading his wings and teetering closer and closer to the edge, mama bird is sitting back terrified and proud at the same time.  There is  peace in knowing that Kid #3 has joined Kid #1 and Kid #2 in our knowledge that he has what it takes to make it in this world.

At an  important milestone in each of their lives, Preston and I have given Chase and Katie both Bibles.  Because of Hunter’s schooling, he has multiple Bibles. Many marked up from years of scripture to memorize for Bible class.

Guess what Hunter is getting this special 18th birthday? Yep.  The most precious gift ever. Another Bible.  Preston and I spent the afternoon marking 18 special verses in this bible that mean something to us. Or can offer him encouragement when the trials of adulthood hit.  The first hi-lited verse begins in the beginning of Genesis and  the last ends with the last verse in the Book of Revelation. The alpha and the omega.  The beginning and the end. This time, I pray that my baby boy not only memorizes the scriptures, but that he hides them in his heart.

When we lost the boys’ daddy,  I prayed that the Lord would let me see them to adulthood. God heard me and was faithful. He blessed me further by bringing Preston into our lives.  I don’t think I’ve ever heard more beautiful prayers than those of Preston praying for our children.  I’m a blessed, blessed woman.

Preston and I don’t know what the future holds for our children, but we know WHO holds it.

Now let me go cry.


The 😭 Beancounter.





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