Postcards from across the Big Pond…..


About a month ago, Preston received a postcard.  From Rocamadour in the South West of France, to be exact.  The postcard shows a beautiful town built in the side of a mountain. The neat writing offered little explanation other than this person had chosen Preston to receive  postcards from their many travels.

Preston was intrigued.

Preston has a longtime friend named Beth, that spent a year or so in France but she has been stateside and living in Daniel Island, Charleston for a couple of years now.  So he’s ruled her out.  Who could it be?

Last night, after a particularly crappy day, Preston had mail waiting on him.  The PCF had struck again.  He had two more postcards.  One was from the Facteur Chavel’s Palace, a magical place with rich history. The third postcard was from Collonges la Rouge and again, full of history.

While the cards are beautiful and full of historical knowledge,  it’s the beauty of the soul of the sender that Puts me in awe.   This person sends these anonymously.  So number one, they aren’t looking for a pat on the back for investing and taking the time to send a 53 year old shut-in a life line to the outside world. How totally unselfish.  Number two, they travel quite frequently and take the time to patiently write Preston intriguing little notes.  It’s obvious that the PCF has put much thought and care into each one.

And lastly, number three, the PCF ends each card with “God Bless”.  All I know is God DID bless when he put this whole mystery in place. It’s hard to get your own family to invest in you  sometimes.  To have someone across the big ol’ pond in France do it when you can absolutely give them nothing in return speaks volumes.

If you’re reading this blog and you’re the angel that God placed in Preston’s path, thank you.

Until the PCF strikes again…..

God Bless


The BeanCounter



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