Preston’s sleepless nights thinking about Evelyn.

Yes, it’s true.  It happened Tuesday night and again Wednesday night.  He’s still thinking about this dreaded woman today.

Before I share my dislike for a woman I’ve never met, I need to remind you that these blogs are tiny little glimpses into the day to day controlled “chaos” of my life.  People ask me all the time how do I do it. How do I find the silver lining day after day?  My reply back is usually becuase there is a hidden blessing.

But there are those times that I really, really struggle. Not becuase I can’t find the blessing but becuase I am sick and tired of having to even look for the blessing.  That’s when I get quiet and retreat into myself.  I don’t blog.  I don’t go around people.   I become standoffish.  But not for the reasons you think.  I don’t want to contaminate my friends and associates with my frame of mind.

My blog has been a way for me to share the silver linings when life throws me curveballs. It’s also a way for me to be real about the journey I am on.  My sweet Preston is a gem and is truly the love of my life.  I have said many times that one of the things that always  brings me to my knees and keeps me strong is the fact that I can look in his eyes and see God’s love looking right back at me.  What a gift!

Now back to this Evelyn woman!  😡

I’ve known about this woman for  about a month. I only learned her name last week.  She’s been calling my husband when I ain’t home.  Multiple times.  😳

Got your imagination going yet?  You should be ashamed for thinking that thought!  🙄

Evelyn has recently been assigned as Preston’s case manager through one of thelong term disability carrier that recently bought out our current insurance carrier.

Let me stop right here and remind you that Preston often doesn’t know what day of the week it is, he is legally blind becuase he sees 2 of me, and the dogs and everything else, he can catch a grill on fire like no man ever before.  Preston qualified for Social Security disability the first go round!!!  That speaks volumes in itself. Oh man…. the list goes on.

Evelyn from XYZ called Preston up about a month ago and I can only imagine the conversation was similar to this (Preston can’t remember it all).

Evelyn:  Do you want to go back to work, Mr. Dennis?

Preston: Yes.  (Of course he does but that doesn’t mean he is able!) STRIKE ONE EVELYN!

Evelyn:  Are you independent?

Preston: Yes. (He can wipe his own butt but he can’t drive to the store to get the toilet paper!) STRIKE 2 EVELYN!

Evelyn:  Can you cook?

Preston:  Yes.  ( let’s not talk about that grill again and the protocols we now have in place). STRIKE 3 EVELYN!

I find out about this in hindsight and cringe when I find out that Preston appears to have only given “yes” answers without explanations. Preston says she didn’t ask for explanations.  I still chalked it up to an annual review.  We had been reassured by the original insurance carrier that nothing would change.  Preston would continue to receive his benefits like before.

Then Evelyn kept calling when I wasn’t home.  She needed documentation. She needed this. She needed that.  She needed a left kidney.  And a right arm. My boys were playing taxi while I worked to get everything.

Evelyn was starting to unnerve Preston.  The worst thing you can do is unnerve someone with a brain injury.  Last year, one of the Jamaican half English speaking thugs called Preston and identified himself as an IRS agent with a warrant for his arrests.  Let’s just say that both boys were calling both my lines at work telling me that we needed to call 911 becuase Preston was having a breakdown and going ballistic at the thought of being arrested. And I’m accountant!

Preston started to sporadically call Evelyn and make sure she had what she requested.  Yes, she did.  Until he didn’t get paid last week.  He called her and she told him they were withholding his benefits becuase they were missing the doctor’s plan of action from his last visit.


I came home that day and we got Evelyn back on the phone.  I asked if she understood that Preston is REALLY disabled and why was she not contacting me.  Preston’s short term memory is about like his Florida State Seminoles…. it REEKS!  Long story short…. she reinstated his benefits.

But like the IRS thug, it sent Preston into a place of paranoia and extreme distress.  Now he is worried about next month.  Evelyn is getting a taste of her own medicine.  Preston has been calling her multiple times daily for the last few days.  He’s been getting her voice mail the last few dozen times. Before long, Evelyn will either move to another department to get away  from Preston’s worried calls or she’s going to become our new best friends!

The silver lining in all this?  Knowing that the Bible says that God will never forsake us.  We’re not in this battle alone. Preston has had a few rough weeks, yet  he eagerly goes to church every time the doors are open. He is in the Word, doing his studies.  He knows where his source of strength and comfort it.

It is so inspiring for me to see him fight the good fight every single day.   He’s my hero.

Like I said earlier, I only have to look in Preston’s eyes and see God’s love looking straight back at me.  I pray that will always be enough to keep me searching for that lining.


Until next time,


The Beancounter



1 thought on “Preston’s sleepless nights thinking about Evelyn.

  1. Joyce Kysor

    Preston, You are so lucky to have an amazing wife! Your TBI Journey is a Marathon, not a Sprint. A minute at a time, an hour , a day, a week, a month, soon it will be years of living as a TBI Survivor. Practice, Practice, Practice…. Speech & P.T., O.T. may become a way of life for you, but you CAN do this! Having true Support makes all the difference!



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