When The Poop Hits The Fan(really, the ground!)


In recent years, I’ve had the pleasure of reconnecting with a friend from my childhood, Gina.  I met Gina when we, as teenagers, both belonged to an exclusive secret society sort of sorority thing called the “Rainbow Girls”.  We’d dress up in ball gowns and have lots of fun.  I can’t tell you anything else about that. I still take my oath seriously 30+ years later. 🤐

Gina and her husband, Scott, are successful business owners in our small town.  For years, they’ve operated a very popular short order grill. They named the restaurant after Gina’s beloved grandmother, Punky.   I don’t know of anything on Punky’s menu that I don’t like.  People travel from all over Lancaster to come and have the biggest banana split you’ve ever laid eyes on.

A few months ago,  Scott and Gina were able to purchase a second, more upscale, location in the heart of downtown Lancaster.   Again, they remembered their roots, and Grandma Punky followed. This time as “Punky’s on Main”. They’ve worked their tails off for weeks and weeks renovating and upgrading the restaurant to meet the vision they had for it.  The walls are filled with “Old Lancaster” memorabilia and pictures of what once was many years ago.  Because my office is next door and we have really cool windows,  I was able to watch the progress.  Scott and Gina left no corners unturned when it came to setting it up right.

15 days ago, they had a soft opening and sold out of food hours into the opening. Their dream was a hit!  They were open for business.

And then the poop hit the fan! Or the ground, rather.

On the 5th day of business, they had plumbing issues in the middle of the afternoon service.   They shut the restaurant down until a plumber could come in.  It wasn’t a simple stoppage. The  ancient red clay sewer lines had collapsed under the ground.  Major repairs were needed.   Scott came in my office that day, and he was  absolutely devastated at this very expensive, unexpected crisis.  He walked away so I wouldn’t see the emotions on his face(Men don’t cry, right? 😁).  Gina walked in a few minutes later with a drink for Scott, and hugged and kissed him.  They were worried about how long they would have to close for and how their employees would deal with the loss of wages right here at Christmas.

That’s when I knew my friends were going to get through this latest crisis and not throw in the towel.  Scott and Gina are a team.  But better yet, God is in the midst.

During all of this, someone(a transplant)  went to social media and slammed their new restaurant for it’s tacky name, along with the fact that they had to shut down, facing major repairs. The person was nasty and it got nastier.

My town came alive as a community and defended my friends in an unbelieveable way.   Hundreds of people responded with positive comments and words of encouragement.   They  reassured Gina and Scott that they were very much supported by our community.  There was post after post about people praying, as well.

God heard somebody’s prayer.

Scott and Gina found out that the kitchen floor would have to be busted up.  Can someone say Ca-Ching?

As I recall Gina telling me, someone that she and Scott did not know contacted them after seeing the social media fiasco.  This lady and her husband owned a tile business and had some leftover commercial grade tile from a previous job.  They wanted to BLESS Scott and Gina and GIVE them the tile.

It gets better. Hold on….

The commercial grade tile was an exact match of what had to be busted up and what matched the rest of the kitchen.

God is good!  And He wasn’t finished.  I can’t make up what happened next.

Gina sent me a message and a picture a few days ago of the new tile on the floor.  God had provided the EXACT number of tiles they would need.  Not one short.  Not one leftover.

Tomorrow, Punky’s on Main opens back up at 11am, stronger  than ever.   Let me remind you that my small town takes care of it’s own, so if you plan to go, be ready to wait.

I love seeing God at work, and I surely hope this encourages you as much as it did me.

Until next time,

the beancounter







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