Chase’s first love.

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And no, I don’t think it was me.

Chase came into this world wide open.  He took his first steps at 7 months and lived by his name. We were always chasing Chase.    He was a daddy’s boy from the beginning.   Chase had tools in his hands before he ate solid foods.  Joseph had him hunting and fishing from the time he was walking.  He knew his way around a shop and around the yard on a tractor.  His daddy called him “Little Man”.   As Chase grew, so did his love for his daddy.   Life  was good.

Until that ugly day in June of 2009.

Chase was 9 and Hunter was 7.  Their first love  went to meet Jesus that day.   And it’s a love that will never be replaced.   A void is there that only God has been able to satisfy.  No amount of rivers of tears that I have cried have fixed it.   I  realized just recently that Chase has been without his daddy longer than he had him physically here on earth.

When Joseph passed away, he was employeed by our local city’s utility source.  Many of those city employee’s checked on us constantly and stayed in touch throughout the years.  They’ll never know the the gratitude that I have for that.

As the boys grew, Joseph’s legacy was kept alive by his family, friends, and co-workers that would share stories with the boys of their dad.  Those gifts were priceless and still continue to this day….. all these year later.

Chase was fortunate enough to land a job for the same utilities company that his dad was employees by.   With some of the same co-workers his dad had. Sure, Chase is at the bottom of the ladder doing the dirtiest of jobs.  But that’s exactly what his daddy would have wanted, for him to prove and make a name for himself.

The latest gift came today.   Chase sent me a text that said……..

“Mama, they call me ‘Lil Joe’.”

I guess “Little Man” is all grown up but I guarantee that Chase will walk a little taller and have a little bit louder song in his soul now that he is “Lil Joe”.

Isn’t God good?  Even when we lack.


Until next time,

The Bean Counter






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