A problem for every solution.

Life has made me a grateful person. Extremely grateful.

I truly believe with a grateful attitude, that it’s nearly impossible to be negative and depressed all of the time.  Don’t get me wrong, we all have those curve balls that knock us down.  It’s when we stay down and wallow in self pity that breeds that “N” word.

Upon spotting a chronic Pissy Patty, Negative Nelly or a Debbie Downer, my instinct is to throat punch them! Just kidding!  😂. Seriously, everything in me wants to flee from them like they have bed bugs!  Immediately.  To Timbuktu.  On a one way ticket!   I don’t care if you’re my grandma, the postman, or the millionaire 3 houses down the street.  I don’t want you contaminating me.  I have been at family functions and have literally, quietly left to not have to breathe the same air.  I know that sounds brutal. And it is.  But, I’ve worked hard to get where I am.

I will be the first one to tell you that I do not understand depression. I do know it’s real.  I learned that with Preston.  I couldn’t run away from him. But we refused to pump him full of pills to treat the symptoms.  We treated the problem.  I would make him recite daily things to be thankful and grateful for.  When he couldn’t name any, I’d point them out all day every day.  I reminded him constantly of God’s calling on him.  I tirelessly reminded him and myself of God’s mercies, blessings, and just the simple beauty of the things we take for granted.

I’ll add an insert here that Preston does in fact have to take a very strong dose of medicine daily that treats the lack of impulse control he has when it comes to his emotions.  Specifically anger.   This is very common in TBI patients. We tried in vain to fix that until medication was the only option.  My point is, I’m  not against medicine.  I’m against overprescribing and treating symptoms instead of the real issue.

We, as a society, have said it’s ok to placate with a Xanax becuase you’re butt hurt that the neighbors dog peed on your mailbox and you just can’t handle the stress of it.

Quit focusing on the dog pee, and look up and around everywhere and you will find so much to be thankful for and that will put a smile on your face, and in your soul.   If God gave you ears, listen to the birds sing.  If God gave you sight,  check out the intricate beauty in a butterfly.   If you can walk, thank the Lord.   If you have been blessed with a child, just watch that miracle and wonder.

People tell me constantly that I have every “right” to complain about my life.  I absolutely, most certainly do NOT!  Yes, I lost a husband, but God gave me another.  Yes, I’m deaf but God gave me something beautiful called “sight”.   That sight allows me to read lips like nobody’s business! Yes,  Preston’s prescriptions literally drain our bank account, but God gave the deaf girl the legs and wherewithal to go to a job every day.   Yes, my boys lost their grandmother to murder at the hands of their grandfather, whom they loved dearly.  But God sent many people to fill that void and to be grateful for.  Yes, I almost lost my sweet Preston. But I didn’t.  Praise the Lord!!

if you’re having trouble finding silver linings in your life, go spend the day with someone’s child that has a terminal illness or severe handicap.  You’ll see a joy in that kid you wish you could just touch!

Or maybe go volunteer at the Children’s Home and hear some of their horror stories.  You can’t even begin to imagine.

Go work in a food pantry and see the people that come in and can’t even take a gallon of milk with them because they are living in a tent.

Go work in a food kitchen on Thanksgiving, and I promise you that your family will suddenly look much better than all the prostitutes and drug addicts that come through that food line.

Come spend a day with Preston on a bad day.  He can’t remember a conversation he had 2 hours earlier, but he can look you in the eyes and tell you he loves you and boy can he pray for you!  IMG_5991

I’m a grateful, grateful woman. Becuase God let me do all those things and see how blessed my life is!  And I thank GOD for opening my eyes and soul and giving me the ability to even be grateful.

That’s a blessing in itself.

Don’t be a problem to your own solution.  Be a solution to your own problem.Now, drop a line in my comments and tell me some things that you are grateful for!

Until next time….

the bean counter




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