…… from the Sheperd’s point of view.

IMG_2716IMG_2678IMG_2696IMG_4750This blog is dedicated to all my friends going through a tough time right now.

I love snapping pictures with my phone.  My iCloud is full of pictures, as is my phone( over 5,000!).  Sometimes, my blogs are inspired by swiping through these pictures.

That was the case today for this blog.   As I swiped, I was reminded that my friend “B” is going through a scary trial involving a spot that has been found on her lung. I see a picture of Jimmy, and am reminded that he has been in the hospital since last Sunday.   His wife, Jackie, is naturally worn down.  Megan and Matt are at a standstill in their adoption process.  Another picture reminds me of my friend, Barbara, who is battling grief and missing the love of her life. Another picture of my sweet Hunter reminds me that he is going through his first heartbreak over a girl.   One more picture shows me Preston’s best 5 year old friend, Thomas.  Thomas’s life is having its own ugly trial right now.  The prayer needs are endless.  So many friends and family are in a valley right now.

Then another swipe takes me to a smiling picture of my Preston.  We’re on a precious mountain top right now that I’m savoring.  I had  forgotten what it was like to not have a schedule full of doctors appointments and tests week after week.  If we stay on this mountaintop, we won’t look at another white coat until September, with exception to some dental work that he is now healthy enough to have done.

Another swipe takes me to where we were 2.5 years ago. I remember the despair, and how desperate things were from my point of view.  I remember the doctor’s coming in and shaking their heads “no” and telling me there was no hope.   I still remember sitting in Panera Bread in the bottom floor of that hospital, at the lowest point I’ve ever been in.  God told me I had a choice to make.   Plan Preston’s funeral or trust in Him?  I chose the latter. My Sheperd came through.

I’m reminded that things look very different from the Shephard’s point of view.  We will never know all the “why” and  “why nots”.  We have to trust our Shepherd.  I want to encourage anyone going through a valley and a trial that you can’t understand, just hold on.  God hears your cries.  He’ll never forsake you.

When the day comes that we’re on that mountain top that reaches into heaven, we will understand and see it all from our Shepherd’s point of view.

What a day that will be!





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