2 girls. 2 boys. And a bunch of mama’s.

The last few weeks have been a whirlwind of events. Chase graduated. My daughter,  Katie, started a new job.  Hunter is looking for one. The boys have been at Disney with extended family and are due home in a few hours.  Chase has to put on his big boy clothes, grab a lunch box and head to his new full time job on Monday morning.

There’s never a dull moment at our home, Fort Dennis. Even though it’s been chaotic, it’s been a good week for Preston.  He hasn’t had any set backs. His friend, Jimmy, took him fishing(he caught a turtle🐢 And 2 fish🎣).  That always lifts his spirits.  It lifted his spirits so much that I didn’t feel guilty leaving him for a few hours for some girl time.

It worked out that 8 ladies were able to meet last night at one of the best hamburger joints in town ( Go Punky’s Dairy Bar and Grill!!) .  Those 7 ladies were my son’s respective girlfriends, Katie and Allyson, along with their mothers, Ginger and Jennifer.  Katie’s sister, Haven, and Allyson’s grandmother, Mrs. L, also joined us.  And of course the old one eyed crow, Megan, was there.  She’s like a hemorrhoid that  will never go away🤣.

The really strange thing about this group is that I knew all of them( except Mrs. L) but neither of the families knew each other. From the time we sat down at 6ish until we finished up after 8, there was never a quiet moment.  It was like we had all been friends for decades. We talked about Church, we laughed. The crow picked on me. We laughed. The crowed picked again.  We laughed some more.  We talked about my boys.  We laughed and laughed and laughed at hearing some of the dating stories the girls told us involving the boys.  The crow picked some more.

And then the conversation took a serious turn. The mom’s shared with me how they have  come to love each of my boys.   They shared with me how my boys are respectful and  so forth.  But what humbled me was the openness that these ladies have with their daughters and the things that we shared.  These girls have really set the standards for THEMSELVES very high.  And made it clear from the start of their relationships.

In an age where we see so many girls flaunting their sexual appeal and looking for love and acceptance, these two girls have been taught that it can’t be found this way.  You have to love yourself and love God.  On my end, I’ve always worried about my boys seeking the wrong girls’ approval and being led astray from what I’ve tried to teach them.  It appears that my prayers have been heard. Both boys are dating girls that love God, love their families, and love themselves.

Megan has been by my side and been with our family through many, many trials.  Her and her husband, Matt, have selflessly invested in my boys through out the years.  I looked across the table and could see the same pride on her face that I had on mine.

It’s a good feeling that I can go to sleep tonight knowing that Chase and Hunter have each added another family to the village that already loves them so much.   Both families have accepted my wonderful boys(and their flaws) with open arms.  They both have beautiful daughters and I have vowed to be the best boyfriend’s mama ever. 🙄😂

Thank you, Lord for hearing my prayers and answering them far beyond what I expected.  Thank you for the new, deep friendships that formed.   Thank you for bringing these girls and their families into our lives.

What more can a mama want?

Not much.  In a text earlier today, I told the old crow that I could die in peace now. And of course she chewed me out🤷‍♀️. It’s not that I want to die.  But I am ready to go.

There’s a huge difference.   Ask me to explain in to you the next time I see you.


Until next time,

the bean counter





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