Showers of Blessings

What a week.  And it’s not over.  The blessings have not stopped!

Last weekend, we had the privilege to meet the parents of a school friend of Hunter’s.  There wasn’t an awkward moment. We clicked.  And talked about God.  And God. And some more God.   Preston and I were amazed, and encouraged, by the journey they’ve been on.  I left thinking that I wanted the spiritual discipline they have in being able to pluck up a family and move several states away with only one concrete objective…. to be obedient and follow God.  We shared a little about Preston’s story and the amazing miracles.  Even sitting in that restaurant, we saw God’s handiwork in a group of special needs children that were all dressed for the prom and enjoying a meal with their teachers and caretakers. Many of those kids have a joy than none of us will ever know.

Monday started off being anxiety ridden for me.    It was a day we had to spend at a cancer center in a hospital over an hour away.   Preston has a growth in one of his lung chambers that was diagnosed as cancer last April.  Many biopsies, and several scans later, they haven’t been able to find a cancer cell.  In January of this year, we were told that Preston would not be given the all clear until he had been a patient for 2 years and had scans done very few months.   Monday was the day of the first set of scans since January.  We were supposed to have had them done in March but due to insurance reasons, we had to postpone until this week.  The devil was crouching around the corner throwing all those “what ifs” at me!  What if I delayed it by 2 months and there was a change in the growth? What if? What if?  I whispered a prayer under my breathe just asking for a clear report until the next scan in 3 months.  God showed out.  The scans were great.  The doctor was amazed (his words) at the recovery that Preston’s lung has made.  ( all these problems stem from Preston aspirating on his feeding tube, which turned into such an awful case of pneumonia and infection, that it literally tore his lung open and infected his chest cavity… all while he was in a coma).  Not only were the scans great, Preston’s oxygen levels are perfect and…… no more scans for 1 whole year!  The doctor finally accepted the fact that there is not one single cancer cell in it.  I praised God right there in that exam room!

Last night, our family got to meet a lady friend of Chase’s.  As parents, we always hold our breathe until we meet the girl, know a little about her, and see how she treats your little boy.  I couldn’t be more pleased or humbled at what God has done.  The crow and I prayed for this girl to come in Chase’s life!

Tonight, I was able see my boy dress up in his cap and gown for the baccaulearte service.  My eyes welled up with pride that God answered one more prayer for me.  When you have children that lose a parent at a young age, I think many of us silently pray the same prayer.  I’ve been praying since Chase was 9 years old for God to allow me to see this moment.  The moment when he graduates , and I can let the tears pour down my face.  Some in how proud I  am, but more for blessing me with seeing my boy to adulthood. One down. One more to go.

God is good.  All the time. IMG_6645IMG_6665IMG_6684IMG_6691IMG_6698



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