Hey! You stepped on my toes…… and I liked it!

IMG_1685Anyone that knows our family intimately, knows that Preston needs repitition and structure.  He purrs  like a smooth Cadillac if his calendar is carved in stone and you don’t change his system. He runs like a smoking, screeching  Pinto with a blown head gaskets if you change something as simple as the radio.

His doctors say it’s his coping mechanism. It’s the way he survives in this world with a traumatic brain injury.   I’ve been advised to avoid changing that structure he needs.

Plans are made way ahead of time.  He walks his dogs at certain times. He does laundry on certain days.  I take the same paths when I drive as not to confuse him. Friday nights, we go to Pizza Inn at 5:30 and the auction at 6:15.  Sunday mornings, we eat breakfast at the local grill before church.  Tuesday’s are for picking up the mail and grocery shopping.  Saturday’s are usually for a movie. You get the idea.

But what do you do when you feel God calling you to change things up? Do you obey God or listen to the doctors?

We listened to God.

We’ve both stepped completely out of our comfort zones of being surrounded by people that we’ve loved and worshipped with for years.  As hard as it has been for me to step into a church where we have no connections and really know no one, I’ve been amazed at Preston’s resiliency.   But he hasn’t left my side. We’ve had each other.  Until last night.

Last night, we were separated for Brotherhood/WMU.  Preston handled it like a BOSS.  I was the nervous one.  Definitely a fish out of water in a room full of women that I did not know a single one of them.

The ladies lesson was about being mentored, and mentoring.   There was an interactive illustration about people that invested in each of our lives, and how we can invest in others lives.  There are many opportunities, whether at work, or simply going up and offering support for someone at the altar.   I work in a small office, but it really hit me the opportunities that I have missed to mentor and invest in my co-workers.  How many times could I have spoken a kind word, or bit my tongue? More than I can count.   I’m working on it.  Today, I’ve decided to put a rubber band on my arm every time I miss an opportunity by saying or doing something negative.

After our group meeting ended, I was anxious to find Preston.  Did he do okay alone?  After about 10 minutes…. he came walking down a hallway with a huge grin on his face.  On the way home, we talked about our experiences and he shared their lesson on brotherhood and being a brother in Christ.  I asked him if he remembered any names of the fellows in his group.  He excitedly told me yep! Frank 1 and Frank 2! 🤣 He couldn’t remember the rest.

But then he shocked me.  Or God did, rather.  He told me that the reason I couldn’t find him was becuase all the men were outside, gathered around a wooden cross. Praying. He proudly told me that he prayed out loud, among strangers! Preston hasn’t been able to pray out loud in a room full of men that he’s known and worshipped with for years!

Whew!  God is so good!  All the time!

I got my toes stepped on last night. And I liked it.


Until next time,




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