The EMPTY Crow’s Nest



Remember my crow, Megan?  If not, go read my blog titled “The Crow” and then come back and read this one.

Megan and Matt are our closest friends.  They are also what I call the “surrogate parental units” to our boys.  It’s a beautiful relationship that had to have been ordained by God.

Megan is the hardest, coldest woman that I know.  She can come across as the biggest, baddest witch that flies the skies.  She can be blunt.  Brutal even.  I believe God allowed me to see past all those “fronts” and see her as He sees her. A beautiful, yet broken woman.  There will never be another Megan in my life.  She’s my soul sister.

Megan had a childhood that was destroyed by molestation.  I can’t even begin to imagine.  I do know that Megan has fought like heck to overcome this, and still does.  And I imagine she always will.

She finds her Prince Charming and they live happily ever after, right?  Not quite…

They are infertile.

They can never have biological children.  I’ve seen the overwhelming yearning on my friend’s face when the new babies show up in church. Or she sees another announcement on Facebook.  The pain that I see in her is gut wrenching. I’ve cried with her in prayer group after prayer group.  I can’t count all the text messages into the wee hours of the night with the “why me”?  “Am I being punished?”  I’ve seen her struggle with her faith.

In the last 6-9 months, I’ve seen my friend make some changes in her life and let go of a lot of things.  I’ve seen a peace in her that I’ve never seen before.  I also see a strength that reaches new levels.  She and God are coming to terms.  He’s working on her brokenness.  And she’s letting him! It’s like watching a caterpillar  evolve into the butterfly.

She’s also facing her fears.

Several weeks ago, our friends  started a process that they have wanted to do for many years, but the fear of disappointment always stopped them.   Yesterday they faced that fear like champs.

They had their first home visit and inspection in becoming certified through DSS.  In a few short months, their names will sit on a waiting list for adopting a child.  Wow!  The peace that Megan has now has to be from one source…. God.

Words can not describe how proud I am of them.  And honored to be a part of this journey with them.  It’s may be years down the road when that precious baby finally arrives, but we will be ready and waiting.

What a beautiful day that will be when a baby bird is added to the Crow’s nest!!!!








3 thoughts on “The EMPTY Crow’s Nest

  1. Lisa Jennings

    Thanks for the blog. I know those same hurts. Watching others enjoy motherhood, and just dying inside. Going to baby shower after baby shower and really not wanting to. It took God helping me to get past all that also and it was very hard. I never could afford to adopt however I have beautiful children from my husband that are my own. I have neices and nephews that are very special to me. But most of all I have my animals. Yes Kim two butt licking babies that I love dearly. (Lol) God be with you on your journey. Prayers for you. Thanks Kim for your blog. ❤



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