What is love?


DeAnn and John

If you’ve ever spent any time with me, you know that I like asking deep questions.  My alter ego  hates it!  Becuase I ask myself a million questions.  Am I saved?  Can I walk away from my faith?  Am I good mom?  Did I really make the right decision with Hunter?  Should I have been easier on Chase? Do I push Preston too hard.  What is Calvinism? Do I believe in it? Do I not push Preston hard enough? What is love?  What’s the meaning of life? Am I really saved?  Why am I here?  What if the Jehovah’s Winesses are right and I’m wrong? What’s my purpose? Am I really, really saved? The list is endless……


I like the shock factor of my questions when I ask others. You get honest answers that way.   I’m not scared to ask a harried waiter if he knows Jesus.  That one usually leaves people stuttering.   Recently, I sent a random text out to probably 40 people in my contacts.  The question was “How do you know God is real?” The feedback was amazing.

Sometimes I go into my office and if the air is heavy, I’ll ask my co-workers to share something good that happened to them over the weekend. Or something positive about their day.  Maybe I do it for selfish reasons.  It makes me feel more positive if I’m surrounded by positive people. Even with Preston on some of his really low days, I’ll ask him to name 5 things he’s thankful for.

You learn a lot by asking questions.  One day last week, I asked the girls at work this… “If you could have one single wish granted, what would it be?”  My office manager, DeAnn, without hesitation said,  “I’d give John his mom back”.   John is DeAnn’s husband and he lost his mom as a young child to a lengthly illness.  It was my turn to be surprised.

I was expecting generic answers…. to win the lottery, a trip to the Caymans,  a bigger house,  etc..

Not DeAnn.  She wanted to give a grown man his mama back.  A woman he hasn’t had in over 30 years.  What an epic portrayal of what a strong marriage is?  And what an example of selflessness and pure love.   I  told her that I wanted her to share what she told me with him. I’m not sure if she has or not.  But I know, like the memories people give my boys of their dad, it will touch a hidden, locked box  within his soul.  And make his love for his wife only deeper than what it already is.

So thanks DeAnn, for sharing that with me.  You blessed me.  And I’m sure you’ll be a blessing to those reading this.

Now, my question for you is…….

What is love?



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