It takes a village and a lot of prayers

Controlled Chaos.

That’s what I call our household. 😂 Now that you know a little bit about Preston and the boys, you can imagine that our lives are far from dull and boring.  I don’t even know what “dull” and “boring” mean anymore. I’d love for our last names to be “Boring” with a mailbox on 123 Easy Street. 😂 I can dream, right?

Hunter has a high school teacher whose name is indeed “Mr. Boring”.  Do not laugh….  he teaches Bible class. 📚  In his defense, Hunter LOVES his class and says nothing about Mr. Boring is boring.

Imagine 5 balls suspended in mid air in front of you.  Each one represents our roles:

Wife/Mama/career/friends/all other garbage

I don’t know about you, but my balls get out of balance. I feel like the worst mama ever when I haven’t spent much time with either boy in the evening, becuase I promised to make Preston break up with Dr. Phil  and get him out of the house.   Then I feel guilty if I ask Preston if he minds if I meet Chase for  quick bite and chat after work, thus allowing Phil McGraw and Preston even more time together!  Sometimes, the only time Hunter has my undivided attention is in the wee hours before school when the house is still quiet. I stink as a friend. I won’t even go there. But apparently crows(all of you, not just Megan) are not picky.

Several months ago, several ladies started meeting and praying together on Monday nights.  And for what feel likes the millionth time, my boys graciously stepped up to the plate and started having a guys night out so that I could do this.  When I started, the weight of all those balls was suffocating.   These ladies started praying for me. And me for them.

God has answered so many prayers.  One thing that I had been praying for was for people to invest in Preston’s life.  Truly invest in it. I was tired of empty promises or no-shows.  We had previously learned that fair weather friends do exist.  It was heartbreaking to hear Preston tell me that he understood why people didn’t come around him.   He was a reminder that one day you could be running a multi-billion dollar corporation in a Friday and basically  be an invalid by Monday.  He accepted it.  It made me mad as hell.

He also commented that he had Matt, the one who has been there from day 1. He said he didn’t need a village like I did.  I need a village. And that prayer group prayed for my village and even became a part of it.   God has since sent so many more people than just our beloved Matt and Megan.  Sometimes I truly co-parent with Matt and Megan…. their love and investments in the boys has been unreal.   A sweet lady in the pew behind me has taken Preston to his local doctors appointment so I don’t have to get off work.  God brought a retired  couple into Preston’s life that have graciously been picking him up and taking him to events held during the day that I can’t.   They’ve had him walking with them afterwards and that is a small miracle within itself!   There’s a spring in his step and that makes my heart warm to see him included.  God also used  a sweet boy to invest in his life.  A little boy names Thomas. Thomas loves Preston with only an innocence that can come from a child. He’s the little boy in the picture.

Katie, Preston’s pride and joy,  comes every Tuesday and spends the day with him, takes him to the grocery store and post office.  He looks forward to this every week.   Chase comes by most mornings and checks on Preston in between his classes.  Hunter spends his afternoons toting him around wherever he wants to go.  Even the  boys’ family on their  dad’s side help.

My balls are slowly getting back in balance.  Letting go of my pride and really seeking God was the answer all along.

Isn’t it always?






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