The Crow.


Every woman needs a crow.  My crow’s name is Megan.  Her husband pays me a monthly stipend to be her friend. 🤣

You can’t scare this kind of crow off.   You can stomp your foot, throw stuff at it, and it keeps coming back, often to just pick your guts. 😉Always ever faithful.

Megan is the one person that I can totally let my guard down with.  I like to say it’s becuase I don’t care what she thinks. 🤣.  Truth is, Megan  is brutally honest with me and I need that. Just last night, I was whining about having so much on my plate and just being weary.  What does my crow do?  She comes swooping down on me full force and lays into me.  She tells me I need to be on my knees thanking God for the life I have.   Then she ask me if I think Job whined like I was when he endured his trials.  That stung.

But that’s my crow.  She loves the ugly me that most of you will never see. I don’t hide behind words or blogs with Megan.  She can sniff me out like roadkill.

Crows are very intelligent birds.  My crow knows when to keep the beak locked and just quietly sit on the perch next to me.  My crow and I have soared both the mountaintops and the valleys together.

The moral of my story is that friends come and friends go.  Find you a faithful crow that’s there in hard times as well as the good times. Find one that’s not afraid to throw scripture at you and give you a firm kick in the bum when you need it.




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