Praying with my eyes wide open


God. Deaf girl. Unforgettable journey.

I’m not a writer. I’m a bean counter. I count other people’s money all day. There’s a simplicity in accounting. Numbers don’t lie and you’re always in balance at the end of the day. 🤓

My life is anything but in balance! I discovered writing by accident. Facebook originally became a way for me to communicate with family and friends. Through trying times in my life, I find comfort in being able to hide behind a computer screen and take the “mask” off and share intimate details of this thing called my life.

A while back, God gave me the title “Praying With My Eyes Wide Open”. Until now, I haven’t been sure exactly what the title was for. Perhaps a book. Perhaps to simply share Him through this site.

Either way, I’m excited to start this blog and I pray that He will be glorified in it all. My musings are not all pretty. But they are real.

I’m sure you’re wondering where the title came from…. stay tuned.


Good company in a journey makes the way seem shorter. — Izaak Walton


1 thought on “Praying with my eyes wide open

  1. Max

    Once again , thanks Kim. You are an awesome lady with a great perspective on life. A perspective we can all learn from and emulate. Geography and family situations don’t allow us to physically see each other but you are the same lady we knew almost 20 yrs ago.
    Keep up the good work.




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