Let me see your lips. Please and thank you.


Did you know that deaf and hearing impaired people rarely close their eyes? That’s right! Our eyes are our ears, whether we are lip reading, signing, or speech reading. You’ll usually only catch us with our eyes closed when we are sleeping. Me personally, I prefer to sleep with one eye open! 👁 😂. I’m scared I’ll miss something.

I’m that awkward lady sitting in the pew staring at my preacher’s lips, even when he yells “Every head bowed and every eye closed!” 🙄. A year or so ago, I went to a tent revival. The guest preacher changed it up on me. He bellowed, “Every head bowed and every eye closed. If you don’t know Jesus as your Saviour, I want you to just open you eyes and look at me. This will keep your neighbor from feeling you raise your hand.” That poor preacher is probably still holding special prayer services for my lost soul now after all the staring him down I did!

I’m one of 17 people in my extended family that have nerve deafness in both ears. I’ve never seen myself as disabled. Just let me see your lips and I’m generally fine! (Btw, you’ve got something green stuck in your bottom tooth😁)

A few years ago, I got excited during a hearing exam in the soundproof booth. I could hear! I walked out with a grin on my face, to be greeted by a husband with tears in his eyes. I thought they were happy tears until the doctor came in the room and told me that hearing aids were no longer an option. I was upset! I told him that I could hear in that booth. The doctor looked and me said, “yes, but it was 10 decibels below a jet engine!” That was why my sweet husband was crying. Me? I’m content with my quiet world.

He vowed to learn sign language. Which I am not fluent in…. I prefer to check out that green stuff in your teeth😉. He learned enough that God would allow us to communicate in a battle that was waiting for us down the road. For that, I will always be grateful!

So you will always find me “Praying With My Eyes Wide Open”!

Until next time….

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