About me.

It’s not about me. It’s about the Sovereign God, who for whatever reason, chose me….. a legally deaf girl kicking and screaming, to take on a journey that has more twists, turns, mechanical failures and human errors than imaginable.  Through God’s story of my life, you’ll read about His love, grace, and never ending mercies in the midst of becoming a widow in my 30’s with two small sons.  My journey from then to now includes many trials and miracles that only God could get us through and ordain. Many of my blogs are about my family and a glimpse into our lives. I never take tomorrow for granted, and should my name be called on the roll up yonder, I pray this diary of sorts will bring my loved ones much peace in knowing that this was never my home…. I was only along for the ride and to hopefully bring God glory. 



The Beancounter